Biography Natalia Fateev

Biography Natalia Fateev
 Natalia Fateev - a popular Soviet film and stage actress. Holds the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR. For a long creative career Fateeva played more than 70 of the most diverse musical roles.

Natalya Fateeva was born December 23, 1934 in Ukraine, Kharkiv. Grew up in a family of a soldier and a seamstress. The family was not Fateeva professional artists and musicians, but, nevertheless, the father could by ear pick a favorite tune on the piano, and aunt sang in a church choir. Little Natasha was ill scene, it revised and memorize the entire repertoire of the local opera house.

But parents do not approve of his daughter and passion felt the acting profession quite shaky and unreliable. Despite their resistance, the girl in 1952 with the first call came in Kharkov Theatre Institute, and then VGIK, the group Gerasimov.

In 1955 Fateeva debuted in film, playing Tanya Olenin in the movie "There's a guy" Victor Ivchenko. At the same time the actress met a young director Vladimir Basov. In 1957, she played in his film "The case of the mine eight." Bass became the first husband Fateeva in their marriage a son, also Vladimir Basov, who later became an actor and director. The marriage was short-lived.

In the period of study Natalia starred in "The point," colorful "," Captain "Old Turtle" pretty average and did not have brought her fame.

At the end of VGIK Fateeva worked in the studio theater actor and theater Yermolova, where she starred in productions of "Three Comrades" and "Two stubborn." At the same time she was married for the second time, for the cosmonaut Boris Yegorov, they had a daughter.

National love for the actress came in 1963, when the screens out comedy "Three plus two" Henry Oganesyan. Natalia Fateev played tamer Zoe. Together with her in this film played Kustinskaya Natalia, Yevgeny Zharikov and Andrei Mironov. The picture was a huge success with the audience.

60s were the best career Fateeva. She co-starred in two successful films - "Children of Don Quixote" and "Hello, it's me! ". The role of Lucy in the film Frunze Dovlatyan became the hallmark Fateeva.

Among other works of the actress can be called movies "Gentlemen of Fortune", "Drawing", "On the evening before noon", "Meeting Place Can not Be Changed", "Songs of the Sea", "Tobacco Captain", "Summer Dreams", "Before you leave "" Man from Boulevard des Capucines "," Autumn temptations "Vladimir Grammatikova.

Rise acting career Natalia Fateeva came in during the heyday of the national cinema. This actress, because of its beauty, could claim the title of "sex symbol" of Soviet cinema, but most of her heroines were positive, whole and strong nature.

Natalia Fateev and starred in many television movies - "To kill a man," "I - Birch", "Tigers on Ice", "Variety fantasy", "The fate of drummer", "usual month", "will gain in combat," "Meeting at the far meridian. "

Actress successfully dubbed foreign films that go on our screens. Fateeva voice said Sophia Loren, Beata Tyszkiewicz, Leo Massari, Nevena Kokanova and many others.

Natalia Fateev half a century of work in the movie played more than 70 roles - a long and beautiful creative life, with bright highs and disappointments, fame and oblivion. The actress was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation in 1984, in 2000 it was awarded the Medal of Honor. In 2005 Fateeva awarded medals of St. Alexander Nevsky.

Actress still lives in Moscow, is involved in public life, cares about animals and is interested in sports.

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