Baby Sophie Marceau

Baby Sophie Marceau
 She remembered the first role - the role of the little dreamer and rebel Vic in the movie "Boom", filmed back in 1980. Since then, it took 30 years, was replaced by a generation. Marceau true to itself: for housewives appearance hides the little robber, who climbs his words, although assures all in reverse.

Life in sight, but we do not see life. This truth has become the foundation for the existence of Sophie Marceau as soon as actress began to learn on the streets. Her daily routine is not like a broken mode notebooks celebrities, racing round the clock from one reception to another. It is not complex about wrinkles, and it is rarely seen in full regalia. But this does not mean that her face emblazoned on the covers of tabloids. On the contrary, its corporate identity - at least cosmetics, maximum smile took over stars such as Monica Bellucci and Eva Herzigova.

"This is the freedom that everyone can afford. And the star - is no exception, "said Marceau. And he adds: "The main thing in life - now. Why should I put it off until tomorrow? ".

Indeed, almost all of her career is associated with abrupt changes in his personal life. Break with a loud "Gaumont" in the mid-80s and 17-year-old civil marriage with director Andrei Zulawski, "Braveheart" and the conquest of Hollywood in the '90s ("The World Is Not Enough", 1999), when all the paparazzi trying to catch the world it alternately in the arms of Mel Gibson and Pierce Brosnan. It did not work. Sophie knows where it ends and begins kinoskazki real life. After working as a writer and, and director and the actress in the movie "Trivial" she became a friend of the famous "Highlander" - Christopher Lambert. She loves to walk barefoot without fear of hurt. "It is impossible to have fun all at once in this life" - she says confidently.

What else has been so unpredictable and so straightforward French actress? "Well, what can be a class housewives" - insincere Marceau. - "I watch TV, I teach lessons with children, cook or clean. In one sitting can clean the whole house. I'm a real fan of purity. " According to her, only on vacation (and her extensive filmography - more than 40 films - suggests that the time to rest she did not so much) she can finally read, write and draw as much as you want. Baby Sophie Marceau is not so simple as it seems at first sight: well versed in painting and loves Tolstoy and Kafka.

"Sometimes I feel sorry for myself, knowing that I have, in fact there was no youth. Did not have the freedom of choice, which helps for a while to remove all inhibitions and be sincere with others "- lamenting actress. In recent years, the directors of France began to offer her the role of women seeking and finding yourself in other people. Time and distance do not matter ("Do not look back", 2009, "a great little I", 2010). Moreover, in 2007, she herself took off like a movie ("Trivial").

But Sophie knows that the worst thing - is to cease to be itself. And he continues to hope for the best, not believing in ghosts from the past, even after the film "Belphegor - the specter of the Louvre" (2001). The statement made by it in an interview with "Paris Match" in 1981, it seems still relevant. 14-year-old Sophie Mopyu, the daughter of the driver and waitress, after an explosive debut in the comedy "Boom" then said: "Fools all those who say that we should not dream of. Dream - a cure for disappointment. "

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