A happy marriage of Will and Jada Smith

A happy marriage of Will and Jada Smith
 Hip-hop artist and actor Will Smith and his wife, actress and singer Jada Smith, considered one of the most exemplary pairs on the Hollywood Olympus. They are raising two children, constantly in films and is producing many projects. So what is the secret of a happy marriage?
 Will Smith and Jada Koren Parquet Smith met back in 1990 on the set of "Hardball Prince." At that time, the two had already had the experience of difficult and sad relationship - from Will left his first wife with a child in her arms, and Jada recently split with her boyfriend of the heart. No wonder they wanted only one thing - a simple love, without reproach, problems and clarify the circumstances.

Jada and Will Smith married 7 years. Then they were already known in the American actors, and Will is also a popular hip-hop artist. Today, they are married for 15 years and are raising two charming and talented children - son Jaden and daughter Willow, who also followed in the footsteps of their parents multifaceted. Son has successfully started an acting career, and his daughter tries himself as a singer. In addition, Willa is growing even son from his first marriage, which is also involved in education, and Cad.

In addition to the education and development of their children's spouses in films, sing, which produced a number of projects, which include work and children, voiced the characters in cartoons, and Jada still produces its own line of clothes and writes books. Also, spouses are actively involved in philanthropic events and even created a family charitable foundation.

Such congestion Will and Jada Smith is considered the main secret of a happy marriage. According to them, a long separation only strengthen relations and make rare meeting a real treat for the whole family. They try to enjoy every free minute and hold them only with each other and with their children. A Will also notes an amazing ability to hold his wife's constant surprises and goodbye, animating their family life.

By the standards of Hollywood 14 years - a long time for the marriage of famous actors, and not all survive with dignity such period. Of course, in the newspapers sometimes leak rumors of divorce or discord in the relationship, but the couple always meet and comment on them with a smile and love in the eyes happy.

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