Shopping in Moscow

Shopping in Moscow
 Despite the fact that Moscow is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, it gathers a large number of people, and not only to enjoy some cultural program, but also to commit various purchases. In this regard, boutiques, shops and shopping centers not only thrive, but also willing to comply with any, even the most incredible desire of the buyer. That is why the range of goods in Moscow is so rich and varied that it can compete with the most famous "fashionable" capitals such as Paris, London and Milan.
 Most people, getting to Moscow, the first thing to go to seek its center, where the famous GUM. The total area of ​​the retail giant, popular since the Soviet era, is more than 75 thousand square meters.

A few steps from the GUM department store, you can find the famous shopping mall "Okhotny Ryad", which focused the sale of goods the most fashionable brands. Crowded in the favorite for visitors, and for urban youth place explained by the proximity to the metro, many shops with various goods and abundance of cafes where you can quickly eat.

Desired address for those who want to successfully run the shops are Tverskaya Street and Kutuzov Avenue, where luxury boutiques are literally molded on one another.

Walking along Tverskaya Street, turn at the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky right (if you go from the center), and you will find yourself on a pedestrian street, which is a rarity in the capital. This Stoleshnikov lane, passing through which you can marvel at the impressive number of luxury boutiques representing the products of leading European fashion houses.

Visit CUM. In one place it collected the most vibrant, fresh and varied collection of fashion designers from around the world.

If you come to Moscow for shopping, you will not be without them, if also visited the Yakimanka, Leninsky Prospekt, Malaya Bronnaya, Nikitsky Boulevard, Nikitskaya, both Arbat, on Smolensk Square ...

In Moscow, many shopping centers. In each of them under a common roof collected a huge number of shops where you can buy almost anything you want, and the last to leave the money in one of the salons, fitness centers, cinemas, restaurants and other entertainment venues, which are also an integral part of the shopping center . In general, after visiting these conglomerates you will realize that you can not spend time searching for other stores. By the way, there are shopping centers in all districts of Moscow, so look for a long time, where and what to buy, you do not have to.

In general, in the capital there are more than 20,000 different stores that you are unlikely to get around. If you come to this town for a few days, do not try to make tedious marathon more outlets. Simply pre-decide what you specifically need, and select any one route that takes you the most pleasure.

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