How to order Oriflame cosmetics

How to order Oriflame cosmetics
 In addition to traditional shopping in a store cosmetics can be purchased in a different way. There are cosmetic companies that sell their products through distributors or delivered by mail. For such companies applies Oriflame. How to order there cosmetics?  
 Across the country, the company Oriflame, there are many consultants. If you are working or studying in a team with a lot of women is a good chance that among them there is someone that sells this cosmetics. Finding a consultant, take his catalog to explore. Also ask him to special promotions held by the company at the moment. Chances are good that you can buy all the things for the price of one or get a special gift with purchase. Choose what you are interested, please inform the consultant. He will issue an order, will tell you the amount, terms of delivery (most often it gives makeup itself) and the period during which you get the makeup. After receiving it, you pay for the purchase.

Ate in your environment not a consultant, you can contact the Service Centre. There you will also be able to advise on the range of goods and properties. List of centers of different regions can be found on the official website of Oriflame. Go to the home page in the section "Contacts" and find there a complete list of divisions of the company. Their staff will take you on a schedule of work.

In the service center, you can choose the type of delivery. You can get makeup on a house payment courier or pick it up yourself at one of the centers. The latter option is cheaper. Also, if your wish you can send an order by mail. Payment of purchase will be made by cash on delivery after receiving the package. But keep in mind that the company Oriflame is not responsible for the various delays in the mail.

But in many cities and especially in rural areas do not have such centers. For people who live there, it is possible to order on the internet. The site includes a virtual directory with all the information about the product - its composition, properties, types. In this case, keep in mind that placing such an order must register as a consultant to the firm, ordinary consumers, this service is not available.

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