The World of Fashion: Martin Grant

The World of Fashion: Martin Grant
 Interesting French designer, an Australian-born Martin Grant has created his own label, has a boutique on the street Maris in Paris, his constant clients - actress Lauren Hyutton and Cate Blanchett. Clothing from Martin Grant elegant and refined, very refined, but not boring and not strict, despite the fact that Martin Grant adheres to the classical style.

Martin Grant was born in 1966 in Melbourne, Australia. Already in the 16 years he released his first collection of clothes, which was immediately noticed and appreciated as fashion lovers and professionals. In 1988, Martin became one of the best designers in the country and receives an award Cointreau Yong Designer, which is highly regarded in the fashion world Australia. After that, he trained for 4 years the art of sculpture, which appeared at the same time a sense of space really helps him to take a new look at fashion design, gives new impetus to the work.

In search of a new 1990 Martin Grant moved to London, where he worked with Koji Tatsuno - UK fashion idol at the time.

But this quest talented young man did not come to an end, and in 1992 Martin Grant decided to move to Paris, where he opened his own studio in an abandoned hospital in Montmartre. Here he created a small collection of clothes that have been successfully sold in Japan, the US, Australia and the UK.

In the early 90's Martin Grant presented his latest collection in Paris, and the first fashion show won acclaim connoisseurs of fashion and many critics. He created clothing remains relevant in more than one season. It is characterized by crisp silhouette, femininity and sophistication, sculptural shapes and clean lines.

Her new collection for Spring / Summer 2011 Martin Grant is filled with bright colors - red and pink, they present with classic clothing calm silhouette. And, as always, his collection glows with a soft femininity. It is through such characteristics clothing famous designer delights us not only on the catwalks and fashion shows, but also in everyday life.

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