Yalta: Tourism and Leisure

Yalta: Tourism and Leisure
 Yalta ... One of the most attractive resorts for the people of our great country. What is the reason, no one can explain, even the citizens of Yalta. But every year in late April town preens, preparing for an influx of visitors. Ready to receive guests small courtyards small private hotels, ending the final preparations in the parks and museums. City freezes, listening to him and the sea, which makes a noise like a hundred years ago. Who knows what they say these waves foray ashore the thousandth time /

This is the most popular resort of Crimea. Greater Yalta stretches for 70 km along the coast of the Black Sea and includes more than 30 settlements from Gurzuf to Foros. The very same Yalta conveniently located in the bay, which the Crimean mountains protects the city of the sun from the cold winds. The average summer temperature is + 24 ° C in winter, + 4 ° C. Come here on vacation all year round, snow is rare. Resort same season begins in late May, when the first tourists come for the winter longing for the sea and the fresh breeze.

If you suddenly get tired of pebble beaches, boating and affectionate Yalta sun, welcome to the parks and ancient palaces, carefully preserved for tourists. In Yalta, a zoo, a museum of Anton Chekhov, historical and literary museum, botanical garden and several water parks.

Yalta not only the most famous resort of the Crimea, but also the most fashionable resort. It hosts film festivals, theater festivals, music and pop contests. It happens in Yalta fashionable, it is considered a sign of good taste.

Surprisingly, in Yalta, you can not just rest with taste, but also get a spa treatment. At the end of XIX century, the famous physician, professor SPBotkin recognized the climate of this part of the coast is particularly healing for patients with pulmonary diseases. Numerous motels Yalta widely used natural methods of treatment: a walk through the surrounding parks (climatotherapy), balneotherapy, thalassotherapy, geliolechenie (receiving air baths in special tanning). Just imagine how nice to sleep on the sun porch, breathing in the fresh sea breeze that gently ruffled hair and kisses the top of weightless.

As if in confirmation of its exclusivity, Yalta offers unusual souvenirs of your stay in this magical city is unthinkable - ceramic plates with a fairly frivolous love scenes. Well, say it in the first place Yalta had a holiday romance. We can only believe in the legend.

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