What to see in Thailand

What to see in Thailand
 Asian countries are not so well understood Russian tourists, like Turkey and Egypt. Of course, the flight to Thailand takes about ten hours, and you get to Antalya for three and a half. But tropical nature and unique culture of the Thais will make you forget about all the difficulties.
 If you prefer a beach holiday and expect from Thailand pure tender sea, choose a resort on the island or peninsula of Phuket. To the coast of Pattaya, due to the nature of ocean currents, is removed all the garbage that is dumped into the water. Therefore, choose this town worth to those who came to Asia for sightseeing and new experiences. It was there that guides offer the most exciting trip.

Start sightseeing Pattaya stands with local oceanarium. This is a huge hall with glass walls, behind which live their life marine life - sharks, rays, turtles. It creates a feeling that you were under the water column. Only scuba mask and do not need and freedom of movement - is complete. At certain times of the aquarium staff feed their pets. This is particularly fascinating spectacle, which it is necessary to wait.

Trip on the River Kwai should make those tourists who crave this extreme. This tour is very extensive. First group show unique floating market, where all trade takes place with the boats. Then driven to the elephant and the snake farm. Then the bus stops near the waterfall. Finally, in the evening, tired ekstremaly get into the real jungle and placed in the hotel posted on pontoons floating on the river. There is no electricity, kerosene lamps provide light. But all the amenities - in the room, this is not necessary to worry. In the morning, after breakfast, tour given a life vest, and the fun begins. About two kilometers vacationers as floats adrift. Rowing is not necessary, the river is very fast and she brings to the gathering place.

Lovers of architecture should visit the Royal Palace in Bangkok, capital of Thailand. In the temple complex comprises a great number of magnificent works of Thai architects. Bright colors, sculptures of demons and kings, landscaping can surprise the most discerning travelers.

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