What Dreams May Come: Madagascar

What Dreams May Come: Madagascar
 Madagascar - one of the largest islands in the world. Conventionally, it is divided into five regions: east and west coast, central highlands, mountains Tsaratana and south-western region, which includes the plateau Mahafaly and the adjacent desert. The island is located in three climatic zones: tropical monsoon, temperate and arid sea.  
 Madagascar no offers chic hotels and suites. Most importantly, what it is rich - unique originality of flora and fauna. Separated 100 million years ago on the African continent, the island took with him a lot of unique. 80% of rare plants and flowers are here.

Madagascar is a continent in miniature. There are mountains and valleys, lakes and rivers, tropical forests and desert, extinct volcanoes and waterfalls. For fans of eco-tourism is difficult to find a more fertile place. The unique natural and climatic conditions give rise to the island amazing life. Therefore, there are many national parks and reserves.

Unique culture here and Malagasy. Initially it was formed under the influence of two cultures: the Austronesian tribes and the Bantu. Then, starting from the tenth century, a great influence here exerted Arab culture, and to the XVI century - European.

The capital of Madagascar - Antananarivo. Here you can find medieval buildings striking architecture, on which you will enjoy with cobblestone pavements. Supermarkets and offices border on rice fields, closely adjacent to the city. Rice is the basis of food here, and wealthy people per meal often eat several dishes made from different varieties of rice.

The main resort of Madagascar - Nosy Be. It is an island located off the north - west coast of the capital city Andoani or Devil. Despite the name of the tourists prefer to vacation resort very comfortable here.

Among the attractions of the island - a comprehensive reserve Lukube organized on 740 acres of evergreen forest, mountain Mont Passo at the foot of which are sacred lake. Around the Nosy-Be located a few picturesque resort islands.

Madagascar is best to visit in the winter time for the southern hemisphere - from April to October. From November to March is the time of hurricanes. However, this does not apply to high altitudes, where just comfortable in these months.

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