What Dreams May Come: Phuket

What Dreams May Come: Phuket
 Holidays in Thailand can not like: white sand beaches, clear blue sea, lots of attractions and exciting excursions. In this country, there are smiles all you need for great entertainment. However, before buying a plane ticket, decide the resort that you want to visit. One of the most popular tourist destination - the island of Phuket.
 In order not to waste time spent on this wonderful island in the Andaman Sea, prepare for your journey in advance. Read reviews about the attractions of Thailand, which is worth a visit. Phuket one of the most famous places are Butterfly Park, aquarium, botanical garden, a museum of sea shells and, of course, the Big Buddha Temple.

Since religion Thailand - Buddhism, it is not surprising that the Buddha - the main symbol of the country. As a tourist you need to know that people in this country are very respectful of their religion and expect the same respect from the visitors. Not to speak negatively when discussing this issue. Photographed on a background of a Buddha statue, never turn your back on her.

Phuket attractions are its beaches. They were on the island enough to allow rest comfortably numerous tourists from all over the world. The most popular beaches - Karon Beach, Kata Beach, Nai Yang, Patong and others. Each of them is known in its own way. For example, about Karon Beach tourists enthusiastically say that it amazing "singing sand", which publishes interesting sounds when a person steps on it. Patong - for lovers of nightlife. If you sat down in a hotel near this beach, you'll always be in the center of the island's nightlife.

Find entertainment in Phuket will be able to people of different ages. There can escape from the hustle and spend your holiday in peace and quiet families with children. Young people can have fun in the nightclubs. But one thing will unite all - exciting tours offered by local guides. Walking elephant, diving, quad biking.

Most tours let you visit and the neighboring islands of Thailand. Some of the most popular among tourists - Similan Islands. This is both a national park consisting of large boulders, between which lurk white sandy beaches. The incredible beauty of the sea with a variety of inhabitants attracts absolutely all. However, during the rainy season, which lasts from May 1 to October 31, excursions to the Similan Islands are not carried out to eliminate the risk to the life of tourists, as the sea there are large waves.

Do not be afraid of the phrase "during the rainy season." Indeed, in this period of time on the island of tropical storms are possible. But as a rule, they quickly come to an end and not spoil your holiday. If you are still unsure exactly where you rest in Thailand, Phuket choose - a place in which it is pleasant to visit, and you can rest assured that you will want to come back.

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