Welcome to Shanghai!

Welcome to Shanghai!
 Once in Shanghai for the first time, no wonder confused because the city is simply immense and beautiful. Especially skyscrapers at night, illuminated by the lights of all kinds. Here you can see almost everything: huge skyscrapers and beautiful parks, fountains and elegant. Luxury hotels, shops and leisure centers will appeal to any tourist. Shopping Shanghai - a paradise.

In terms of climate is best visited Shanghai in the fall, in September or October. In summer the air is very humid and stuffy. That, however, is typical of subtropical ocean. Shanghai is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, 50 kilometers from the East China Sea. This geographical position allows the title of Shanghai have both river and sea port. The city has always been a crossroads of trade routes, so connected it the eastern and western culture, and because he has earned in the past a lot of adjectives: the city of revolutionaries, opium traders city, city of adventurers, players and sailors city, the birthplace of the revolution and the Communist Party of China, the Queen East, the Paris of the East.

Navigate through the Shanghai best in the metro. It is advisable to always carry a map of the city. If you get lost, it will be noted on the map where you want it and any taxi driver will take you there. But consider Shanghai can only be traveling through it on foot. And this is best done in the city center. Attractions here follow one another so that the walk turns into a continuous review. Huge avenues here are connected to the narrow street. Take a walk on the Bund, visit the French Quarter, look at the Pudong District and Yu Garden. Seen the splendor you will find fantastic unreal, as if you are in a city of the future.

In the guise of Shanghai there are not only futuristic motifs, it can be found and ultra-modern buildings and structures of the past. Silk - the invention of China here in abundance. Shanghai tailors are considered the best in China.

Clothes and shoes can be bought on the road Huaihai Zhongli, Jinling Dongli, Sichuan Bailey. On the road, Shimen Yi Lu besides you can buy and household utensils. If you are interested in books in English, go to "Shop friendship" on to Beijing Dongli, and the street Fuchzhoulu - a concentration of bookstores and shops of various office supplies. Antiques can be found on the road Guangdong Lu. And if you want to find all in one place, then you need a street Nanjing Dongli. Its length of five kilometers, and all she is busy with all sorts of shops.

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