Travel the Arab East: Yemen

Travel the Arab East: Yemen
 Despite the fact that Yemen is quite poor Arab countries, it has recently attracted more views and wanting to go to her visitors. In Yemen, there are interesting architectural monuments. Guests are attracted by the former palace of the Imam (Republican), and more - the old town, which is surrounded by walls, and the famous market of silver, gold, carpets and leather. The main attraction - it is one of the shrines of Muslim-Zaidi - Mosque of al-Jama'a al-Kebir.

Yemen is located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula and is bordered by countries such as Saudi Arabia and Oman. It is surrounded by the Red and Arabian Sea. What is so attracted to this region tourists? Unusual and original architecture (like home support each other, you can not tell where one begins and where it ends), the customs and the local landscape, even for someone at first sight and seemingly quite monotonous. But there really is something to see. The capital of Yemen - Sanaa, located in the foothills, is a local attraction, attractive not only for tourists and visitors. Formed by the city one of Noah's sons - Shem. Sana is divided into 3 blocks (parts): Old Town (where the famous palace of the king), Jewish valley and the Well of sweet water.

Apart from Sana'a in Yemen, Taiz and worth a visit, which officially stands among the sand, recalling a fabulous city and the desert oasis. Shibam is also one of the main oases of Yemen, to which the eyes are fixed caravan. Its skyscrapers recognized as the most ancient on earth. Sayun and Tarim worthy of attention of tourists. Aden (Asana), who is also the port, connects many trade routes. Do not forget to visit the most beautiful place in Yemen - Kamaran, who will be able to please all of its beauty. If you are interested in the ancient mosque, be sure to visit Sayun.

The local currency is the Yemeni Rial and called on the exchange rate here can be done at any bank branch. Flight to this country through Dubai, the ticket costs from six hundred dollars. The weather here is hot enough, but it all depends on your location. For example, capital is high enough, and the air is pretty cool at night. In the desert, he warms up to fifty degrees.

If you choose to travel to Yemen, please be sure to film for the camera, so as not to have problems with its deficit. Same move here best with a guide and rent a car (with driver and together). In this case, you do not risk your head in the event of a collision with a living creature.

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