The best resorts in Thailand

The best resorts in Thailand
 Thailand among the top three most popular among Russian tourists countries. This is not surprising. Buddhist culture, the mysterious to the average European, beckons travelers. And the warm sea, hot sun and fairly inexpensive tickets. All these components provide a continuing interest in the rest of Thailand.
 Young people, those who want to save money or simply do not attach great importance to the terms of recreation, we can advise the resort of Pattaya. It is located on the mainland, which makes it easier road to the hotel. But, unfortunately, the sea in this area is not too clean. Because of the peculiarities of all debris and dirt, thrown into the water, nailed to the coast. However, the Thais have found a way. Almost every hotel, located in Pattaya, constructed pier to which moor small boats. They transported tourists to nearby islands, where the waves crystal clear, and the beaches are not as crowded.

This attractive resort for those who love excursions. That they are the majority in Pattaya. This trip to the River Kwai with descent downstream in life jackets, and inspection of world-famous huge Buddha statues and Butterfly Park and Arboretum with tropical plants. And in this city a huge number of cafes where the nights are organized exotic show for adults.

Optimal in terms of price-quality resort in Thailand - Phuket. It is located on a peninsula and the sea off its coast and not transparent enough littered. In addition, all the exciting nightlife at the resort there. And yet there is a Buddhist monastery, elephant nursery, great circus in the open. All this is accompanied by a rather attractive prices for food and lodging.

Phi Phi Island and Koh Samui is also quite popular among tourists. But the rest there is more suitable for those who prefer to bask on the beach and did not like the tour. Look at these areas of land, except the beautiful nature, there is nothing. In addition, the price, as well as on all the islands, "bite". So if you decide to purchase the tour was there, better to choose a system of "all inclusive". Then additional funds to spend on food and beverages are not required.

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