The best beaches of the world

The best beaches of the world
 Relax on the beach can be quite different. You like dalliance on the beach or active surfing, diving or beach volleyball? In the world there are so many beautiful beaches, where you can have a wonderful rest. Present to you the top ten best beaches in the world, according to the magazine National Geographic.

Anse Source d'Argent is probably the most photographed beach in the world. It is located on the coast of the island of La Digue (La Digue), one of the 115 islands of this archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Sparkling pale pink sand against the backdrop of the majestic granite boulders, worn by time and weather. Turquoise waters, relatively shallow, protected from the waves of the ocean reef.

If you want to spend on the beach a few nights or chic swim among exotic tropical fish about 24 meters under water, the Maldives - this is the place where your dreams will come true. Located to the south-west of Sri Lanka, the Maldives comprise 1,102 islands in the form of 26 atolls.

Bora Bora, Tahiti.
This is one of the magical islands in the South Pacific that make up French Polynesia. Only 18 miles (29 km) long, this rich land is protected lagoon surrounded by white sandy beaches. Bora Bora nicknamed "Romantic Island" because of its isolated beaches, intimate hotels and tranquil atmosphere.

Hamptons, New York.
One of the trendiest places for the wealthy. Hamptons boasts the most beautiful beaches on Long Island. Untouched coastline stretches east from Southampton to the end of the island at Montauk. Windswept dunes bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii.
Bubbly, sparkling in the sun, sand, palm trees hanging over the white beach, lush tropical plants, and endless sun. All this makes Lankau one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii. The beach is protected by a coral reef and the water is always deep dark green color.

Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.
On this island are the most popular beaches in the northern part of the Atlantic, as for surfers and children. The water is relatively calm, and there is a lot of sand, which is pleasant to sunbathe or build castles. Madaket Beach - This beach is known for its rough surf and incredible sunsets. A beautiful view Kvidnet Beach provides wonderful lighthouse.

Fraser Island, Australia.
Located on the sunny coast of Queensland in 260 kilometers north-east of Brisbane, Fraser is the world's largest sand island and a beautiful beach. It is a dream ecologist, with its 640 square miles (1,664 square kilometers) of untouched natural paradise. It attracts a lot of tourists from climbing lovers to lovers just lie on the beach.

St. Bart's.
One of the many islands in the Caribbean Sea, St. Bart's different mix of French chic and island relaxation. With beautiful secluded beaches, fine French cuisine, and nice hotel, this tropical playground is popular among a narrow circle of affluent travelers. On the 13 km long island located 20 beaches and small coves for sunbathers and swimmers.

Langkawi, Malaysia.
The name "Langkawi" is translated as "land of their desires, which to some extent contradicts the historical origin of the island, which was known haven for pirates. Since then Langkawi has become a place for the modern traveler, traveling from frantic pace of city life. White sand, clear water and lush green forests - is not it a paradise?

Kaunaoa Bay, Hawaii.
Located on the Kohala Coast in the state of Aloha Kaunaoa Bay is the quintessential Hawaii. On the wonderful crescent-shaped beach has it all: a lot of white sand, palm trees and calm, clear, blue water. Besides swimming and sunbathing, you can go diving or boogie boardom.

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