Sentosa Island: white beaches and spas

Sentosa Island: white beaches and spas
 Sentosa Island Singapore is part of the state. In this place of contrasts is often visited by people who already have seen the world and now want something exotic and new.
 On Sentosa Island attract many tourists white beaches, a variety of nature, a huge amount of entertainment and nightlife.

As soon as anyone gets to the island, he immediately realizes that he found himself in the real paradise. The word "Sentosa" translates as peace and quiet, and the island justifies the name. The adventure begins already on the way here. From the height of the funicular (cable car) or a huge bridge opened ideal landscapes, Sentosa just surrounded by lush green tropical park, which is surrounded by white stripes stunning beaches. Getting to the island by boat or ferry, you can see exotic fish that frolic in the crystal clear waters of the South China Sea.

Sentosa are only upscale hotels. This is a paradise for any woman, because in addition to luxurious rooms with swimming pools and spacious villas, hotels offer a great range of services for rejuvenation and health in the spa. Huge salons won numerous prestigious awards. There are specialists of high level who practice both traditional and innovative methods of restoring and maintaining beauty.

Very nice to soak in a flower bath, enjoy the unforgettable aroma of orchid, patchouli, ylang-ylang and other exotic flowers. We also can not please the skin masks from seaweed and volcanic mud. After entrust your body strong hands of experienced masseurs. While other people are considering the island of Sentosa, it's time to go to the gorgeous white beaches. During the day they especially thinly populated, but this fact does not prevent enjoy a lazy holiday to the sound of the sea. For something more active, the hotel offers a variety of sports entertainment and tennis courts.

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