Sardinia - an island in the heart of the Mediterranean

Sardinia - an island in the heart of the Mediterranean
 Sardinia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second largest island after Sicily. Sardinia is located to the west of Appenninskogo Peninsula, between the islands of Corsica and Sicily. Is an autonomous region of Italy.
 Local legend has it that it was in Sardinia God first set foot on the ground, bestowing the island unique places and clear waters. Nature Sardinia is very diverse: the extraordinary rock shapes, golden beaches and white sand, olive groves, citrus orchards, blue sea. Off the coast of Sardinia grow corals. In most parts of the island are located sanctuaries where many rare birds and animals. Here you can see the royal eagle, the Sardinian deer, pink flamingos.

 Attractions in Sardinia a bit, but here you can see the ruins of castles and amphitheatres, see ancient stone nuraghi - Neolithic monuments. Nuraghe considered a symbol of the island, there is more of 7000. Until now, there remain untouched by man bays, caves. Having been on the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast), believe that it is here, and was known to all Atlantis.

 In Sardinia, a lot of beaches, the total length up to 2 thousand kilometers, it is the fourth part of all the beaches of Italy. Locals believe that the greatest number of warm, sunny days in a year is only in Sardinia.

Sardinian cuisine is known for its shellfish and salads from numerous fish dishes. Lunch and dinner on the island made in agritourism, they are in small towns. Here all products are grown on their own, and the owner is the chef and waiter. Sardinian wines known throughout Italy and abroad.

 Arriving in Sardinia, everyone will find something to their liking. Fans of excursions can independently choose the tour, as in Sardinia they are individually, taking into account the wishes of tourists. For golf lovers, the island has one of the most beautiful courses in the world. Those who are enthusiastic about the diving, too, will find something for everyone, they surely like reefs. You can also enjoy horse riding or sea, on a yacht.

 In Sardinia, many Russian celebrities have their villas. Locals say that our Prime Minister comes here often. True or false, it is not known. But what is the fabulous island of Sardinia - the truth.

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