Rest on the Black Sea coast

Rest on the Black Sea coast
 Even in the nineteenth century came to the Black Sea coast improve their health ladies of the royal family. Their summer residences were on the beach, almost all representatives of the Russian aristocracy. And despite the fact that now you can fly on vacation to the most exotic seas, the Black Sea coast is a popular place for recreation.
 On the coast of the Black Sea can not only relax here, but also to improve their health, gain strength, increase vitality and immunity. Combining a unique, pleasant climate for humans, mineral springs, mud, and amazingly beautiful nature has on the human body is an amazing healing effect.

Add to that the fresh air, rich in iodine, sea bathing, beauty of mountain landscapes. And the beauty of the local nature perfectly valid on the emotional state of a person.

Rest on the Black Sea is now available for almost every budget. It has built an excellent comfortable hotels, but at the same time can be absolutely no problem to rent a house in the private sector. And fans of leisure tourism will always find a place to camp out on some wild beach. There on the coast and a huge number of health centers and dispensaries, offering high-quality treatment for a variety of medical reasons.

Tourist service develops every year. The tour desk offers a lot of make fascinating trips to local natural or architectural monuments, which are on the coast of the Black Sea very much!

Here there are opportunities to practice a variety of water sports: water skiing, catamaran sailing, yachting, has been actively developing and diving. Of course, the Black Sea inferior to the beauty of the underwater world of the Red, but to get here is much simpler than in Egypt, Jordan or Israel.

You can also take a boat trip on a boat or in a comfortable boat, fly on a parachute over the sea, take a ride on a scooter.

Today we can safely say that anyone can relax on the Black Sea coast in the way he wants. But keep in mind that the climate on the coast varied. Resorts Caucasus are more suitable for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, and those who suffer from respiratory diseases, arthritis and arthrosis, it is better to go to the Crimea, where the dry air is beneficial to cure such diseases.

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