Pure breath of the Adriatic

Pure breath of the Adriatic
 Resorts of the Adriatic Sea beckon with its mystery and national culture. Hot Italy and the Balkans hot washed by this warm sea. From May to September, these southern countries are willing to shelter themselves from tourists from all corners of the globe.

Adriatic Sea washes the eastern coast of Italy. Washed area is quite large, so the resorts in the Italian Adriatic lot. That only is the world famous resort of Rimini. In addition, on the Italian side of the Adriatic Sea are located cities such as Trieste, Bari, Ancona, Brindisi and, of course, the famous Venice. Holidays in Italy is more expensive than in the Balkans. But it is worth noting that the quality of life in Italy is much higher than in the Yugoslav satellites and Albania.

It's pretty nice country, inhabited by South Slavs, Catholics, with its distinctive culture, cuisine and lifestyle. The cost of holidays in Croatia is lower than in Italy, although the service is not much inferior to the Italian. Among Croatian spas is to provide Dubrovnik, Rijeka and Split.

The wildest and least explored tourist country of the Adriatic Sea. But despite this, Albania - quite an interesting and attractive country. Funny colorful houses, hot people and, of course, warm Adriatic make the country picturesque. If you do not have political prejudices, you will be interested to visit Albania. The most significant maritime city of Albania - Durres and Vlora.

This is the youngest Balkan country has already established itself. Close to tourists from Slavic countries culture, festive atmosphere and carelessness, untouched territory Balkan War and, of course, the warm Adriatic Sea. Seaside resorts of Montenegro - Kotor, Bar.

Even this Balkan country, the existence of which many have learned only by the recent football "triumph" of the Russian national team, is located on the Adriatic Sea. Only 20 km of the sea coast, but it allows the Slovenes be an attractive country for tourism. Slovenian resort - Koper.

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