On New Year's Eve in Siberia

On New Year's Eve in Siberia
 The phrase "New Year" warms the heart, and habitually appears tree, sparkling champagne and native people of the beautifully laid table. But the usual course of the story, you can change and go to meet holiday where never in my life did not happen. And the best choice would be traveling home this blizzard and frost - a distant Siberia.  
 Celebrate the New Year I want to really unforgettable, festive, broke away from the hustle and boring daily life. Holidays in Khanty-Mansiysk can be one of the win-win. The city, which dates back more than a century - an example of how history and modernity merge in one place. Cathedrals and numerous temples side by side here with the new high-rise buildings of business centers, vibrant clubs and noisy cafes.

But on the eve of the winter holidays in the vast Siberian even large cities are transformed into a magical place where the great ice figures are highlighted with colored lights, fluffy snow covered spruce shimmer bright garlands, and an evening walk in the moonlight accompanied by the dance of snowflakes patterned. In order to get a lot of pleasant experiences and make a variety of leisure, you can visit the new bridge over the Irtysh, Central Square, the world-famous biathlon center, the building of the River station, Samarovsky Chugas - the historical part of the city, "Victory Park" with an eternal flame and the "Walk of Fame" . Visit "Torun-Maa" - Ethnographic Museum, located in the open air, and you will get acquainted with the life and culture of the peoples of the North.

New Year celebrations in Surgut should celebrate now only for the reason that at this time there is very picturesque, and the inhabitants of the city are welcome and hospitable. Surgut - one of the first Russian Siberian cities. It is situated on the right bank of the majestic Siberian river Ob. One of its main attractions is the bridge, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, which is unique in its beauty design. Each park is set for the holidays ice slides, ride on which both children and adults, as well as the magnificent snow sculptures. In the neighborhoods of the city pay much attention to design towns and snowy trees. Rent a ski or skate to fully enjoy winter Siberian nature. Book an apartment in Surgut in advance, and the holiday will not be spoiled by unnecessary trouble.

In Siberia, you will be welcomed with open hearts people are in love with their native land, which will show a lot of interest. And the most wonderful holiday of the year will remain unforgettable.

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