Jordan: leisure and tourism

Jordan: leisure and tourism
 Even the most demanding tourist will be fascinated by the Jordan. Here you can find and majestic monuments of ancient history and modern resorts with crystal beaches, and treatment and rehabilitation centers on the northern shore of the Dead Sea.

In Jordan, it seems, are all unique. Is this a consequence of the fact that, on the one hand, it is an ancient country, and on the other - the young developing country, no one knows for sure. Do not worry about the tense political situation in the neighboring countries of Jordan, tourists are always welcome and are willing to accept the present eastern hospitality.
Land Jordan has preserved many historical and cultural monuments. It was here that Jesus Christ was baptized, here Moses saw the Promised Land after a long hike, but here he was buried after his death.
Not enough for life to see and learn all the sights of Jordan. Many of the city razed to the ground, many people are now abandoned. The state capital - Amman, a relatively young city, however, people live in it for more than 10 thousand years. In its place was once the ancient Philadelphia eventually just disappeared under the pressure of time.
At 33 km from the capital is the ancient city of Madaba, also known as another "City of Mosaics". Here you can find the famous mosaic map of the Holy Land, and the few surviving mosaic floors and panels.
Speaking of Jordan, not to mention the seventh wonder of the world - Petra, where you can find more than 800 rock-cut structures - temples, tombs, tombs, water channels, religious buildings, an amphitheater and even baths. All this hand was carved in the rocks surprising pink. By the way, this pink sand can bring home as a souvenir, this specialized numerous souvenir shops here and there in the cities of Jordan.
Did you know that the total of the Moon and Jordan? This Wadi Rome, this unique piece of nature, where the pink sands and black rocks form a bizarre, cosmic landscapes. It seems that there is no man has gone before, only the wind of something sings for several millennia. Night sky falls over the desert quite low: huge stars carefully looking at the rare travelers, vacationers in the Bedouin tent.
Vacationing in Jordan can be year-round Mediterranean climate allows it. The coldest month - January, the average daytime temperature + 17-25 ° C, and the water temperature in the Gulf of Aqaba, in the south of the country, even in the winter does not fall below 22 ° C. It is not surprising that some species of fish and corals are found only here. And you can see them in detail with numerous instructors at the diving center, of which there is always a sufficient quantity on any beach.
Jordanian cuisine can be safely attributed to the attractions: it is like and traditional Arabic cuisine, but generously "dilute" their own features. The food here is not as prevalent as in other eastern countries, as a seasoning liberally used various herbs and mint. Be sure to try the traditional mashed peas with herbs - "falyafel" aubergine paste "makkabel" and, of course, cakes "kmazh." Teach, portions are huge oriental, forget about diet during your stay in Jordan. Rejection of the proposed dishes or cups of coffee beloved Jordanians - an insult to the self-respecting host receiving guests.
Jordan is rightly called oriental paradise for sweet teeth. What is there just no: Cookies with sesame seeds, baklava with pistachios, "Kanaf" with cheese, pies, rolls, desserts from guava, delicious ice cream, candied fruit, and much, much more.
Memories of Jordan last a lifetime, as memories of traveling to eastern amazing world full of hospitality and history.

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