Iceland attractions and popular destinations

Iceland attractions and popular destinations
 Following the recent volcanic eruption with an unpronounceable name of Iceland remembered the whole of Europe. I found that this small country depends purity of the sky throughout the European part of the land. However, Iceland is famous not only for its numerous volcanoes and geysers. For most Russians, it is a country of Vikings and ancient tales of the mighty and invincible warrior.

Iceland is interesting primarily for lovers of adventure tourism, recreational sports and fishing. Here you can catch trout and salmon, try unusual diving in mineral waters at the foot of icebergs.
The main attraction of the country - is, of course, volcanoes. Here they are everywhere, it is a familiar part of the landscape. Do not even try to remember their names: Hekla, Kverkfell, Graubok and many others. Just memorize their greatness and beauty.

Other popular attractions in Iceland - is its capital, Reykjavik. The city was founded by the Vikings still Ingolfura Arnarson in 874. Surprisingly, the city still does not have central heating - it is heated by hot springs. The air here is very clean, it's so unusual for those tourists who come to Iceland from the smog-filled cities.

Residents Reykjavik carefully cherish preserved buildings from ancient times - the sheepfold and stables. Of course, today they are not used for its intended purpose, and converted into restaurants and shops that may further emphasizes their antiquity. The city has a lot of unusual outdoor pools filled with warm (27 ° C) thermal water.

While in Iceland, be sure to visit the Grand Geyser. His three-meter crater periodically filled with hot mineral water amazing turquoise color. An unforgettable spectacle, especially when the legs are pulled straight ispod jets of steam to a height of 30-50 meters.

Generally geyser fields and volcanoes - is the calling card of the country. Geysers groups are more than 250, the largest amount per unit area in the world. But what to say, the word "geyser" - Icelandic origin and means "spurting". Some sources emit water at a temperature of about + 750 ° C. However, local residents, this does not scare: they use hot water for heating and salt mineral water evaporated for sale.

In addition to the geysers and volcanoes? Iceland many beautiful waterfalls: Goudafoss, Gullfoss on the river Hvítá, Árnessýsla and highest - Háifoss, flowing into the river jets unearthly blue.

If you're a longtime fan of the northern fairy tales, go to East Borgarford that is located in the far east of the country. Here you will find a rock Aulvaborg, where, according to legend, lived Icelandic king and queen of elves with his people.

Be sure to visit the national parks of Iceland, which, incidentally, are also used as spa resorts. For example, the paths of the park Thingvellir can wander all day, and you are not tired of the surrounding nature.

Weather on the island malopredskazuemy, but the most pleasant time to travel - from mid-June to early September. Get ready for a cool and periodic rain, so it will not be superfluous to bring a raincoat, that nothing prevented enjoy walks, even in the rain. Summer in Iceland "white nights", and in the winter daylight lasts only 4-5 hours.

In Iceland, all very natural and picturesque. It's amazing how people have been able to protect nature from the devastating effects of its own. We can say that today Iceland - a monument, created by nature itself, reminiscent of what was peace in the world until people.

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