Ice island or where to celebrate New Year

Ice island or where to celebrate New Year
 Iceland - one of the most unusual European countries. Her landscapes resemble lunar desert surface: Circle lava, craters and basalt rocks. Hidden natural forces geysers erupt in the valleys with mineral streams and rivers descend rebellious majestic waterfalls. Celebrate the New Year in this edge - an unforgettable impression.
 Ancient Icelandic sagas say that the first inhabitants of the ice island gods specify the exact place where you can settle down and start a new life. Viking Ingolfur named the place Reykjavik, which means "smoking source". Today it is the capital of the state, a small (by world standards), but very beautiful and safe city.

Reykjavik is sometimes called the best place to celebrate the New Year - to celebrate in a long and very dark nights here can. Residents of the city kind to the holiday and carefully observe the historical traditions.

The ceremony begins in Reykjavík Cathedral - the inhabitants of the city, if not there, then be sure to watch for a while, listening to the radio broadcast. Then begins a gala dinner.

Each year, the Icelandic television shows special televised comedy that looks perhaps the entire country. It highlights the events of the past year, mildly ridiculed politicians and public figures.

Then the citizens take to the streets, where special burn huge bonfires, - brenna in Icelandic - and there were numerous fireworks and fireworks that last at least an hour. Then in the center of Reykjavik begin noisy parties, which they say across Europe. In Iceland, there is a rule: the colder outside, the hot parties and all the nightlife. Fun does not end until dawn.

It is interesting to know that in Iceland there are no restrictions and prohibitions on the salutes and fireworks, as in some other countries, so literally the whole country is launching fireworks from any vantage point, whether it's a house roof or a private garden.

On the first day of this year Iceland rest, and tourists usually go to the tour. Arriving in Iceland for the New Year, be sure to take a little trip on the ice island. You should definitely visit the Blue Lagoon - a geothermal outdoor swimming pool, year-round temperature of the water in it to + 40 ° C. Visit the Valley of Geysers, Thingvellir National Park and waterfall Gulfoss.

Christmas vacation on the island of ice you'll remember forever - it's hard to imagine something grander and bigger than New Year in Reykjavik.

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