Holidays in China: the wonders and beauty of Hainan Island

Holidays in China: the wonders and beauty of Hainan Island
 Hainan - amazingly beautiful tropical island and one of the best Asian resorts. Rest it on a class does not differ from holiday to exotic destinations such as Mauritius or the Maldives. Well-groomed beaches with azure water, first-class hotels and bungalows, the quiet nature and thermal springs - rest in Hainan remember.
 Sea sun, plenty of exotic fruits, pearl clouds floating on the diamond sky and reflected in seawater, relict nature, bird chirping. ... No, it's not paradise. This is the "pearl of the Middle Kingdom" - the island of Hainan. It is located at some distance from the mainland of China. It is surrounded by the warm waters of the South China Sea. This is a huge island with a population of seven million people. He is considered one of the cleanest places in the world. The island has no industry, mild climate, unspoilt nature, and most importantly - it is in the most amazing and unusual country - China, where in addition to relaxing on the white sand beaches, you can plunge into the world of the mysterious East, to join the ancient civilization and feel the full force local alternative medicine.

Eight thousand years ago on the island resulted in volcanic activity, as evidenced by today thermal springs and extinct volcanoes. It is located on the same latitude as Hawaii, so it is also called "Oriental Hawaii". There is always warm weather, but the best time for rest is the period from mid-December to the end of May. Summer on the island of the rainy season, and in the late fall - typhoon season.

This wonderful island annually attracts tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world. In addition carefree beach holiday where you can spend the treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The pride of the island are the hot springs. The hottest of them have a temperature of 70-90 degrees. There is also hitting the potassium-sodium and radon sources.

Some of the most thermal keys are spa resorts, buried in the emerald green tropical plants. Here vacationers waiting relaxing treatments such as shiatsu massage, hot herbal compresses, massage with bamboo banks and magnetic wands. The main recreational areas of the island are located in two bays in Sanya - Yalong Bay and Da Donghai. In the first bay is a museum of sea shells, which is popular with visitors to the island.

This is not all that is fraught with fabulous Hainan. To know all his secrets, you must personally set foot on this land of paradise and see firsthand all its splendor.

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