Dead Sea: the healing properties and treatment

Dead Sea: the healing properties and treatment
 Five million years ago in what is now Israel and Jordan has been a shift of tectonic plates. The result has been formed in the hollow closed lake, named because of its size sea. The most popular name of this unique sea - the Dead, because due to the water content of 42% salt in it does not live a single living organism. However, many of the Dead Sea is known as the salt, which is not contrary to the truth: the salts in it, for example, 40 times more than in the Baltic Sea.

The healing properties of unusual sea in which it is impossible to sink (water pushes to the surface), but can cause serious damage to the eyes (they will corrode salt), discovered by the ancient Romans and Jews. They built on the banks of water and mud baths, which are in great demand among people exposed skin diseases. Modern medicine and cosmetology, too, pays tribute to this invaluable natural source of beauty and health. The Dead Sea is recommended to go for those who have problems with the immune, digestive and nervous system, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the female genital organs, arthritis, rheumatism, or simply stress. Magic bullet and the last chance for a cure believe the Dead Sea are those who are prone to skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, allergic reactions, severe acne ...

What makes the Dead Sea perfect spa resort? First, an unusually high content of natural salts with a unique composition. They have everything that is needed for the recovery of our body: iron, calcium, lithium, manganese, bromine, magnesium ... Abundance makes Dead Sea salt essential for those who have problems with the intestines or nervous system, and potassium helps to improve the performance of the musculoskeletal system . A separate item in the list of advantages of the Dead Sea are iodine responsible for hormonal balance, and sulfur, whose presence in the human skin is a must. By the way, a large amount of iodine contained in the salt, not only but in the Dead Sea, which is used for medical and cosmetic purposes as masks and wraps.

Despite the abundance of cosmetic lines, offering today, "the sea in a bottle", ie, salts and dirt in the original packaging, physicians still advise in certain diseases go to the Dead Sea in person. The reason - in the healing sea air, dry and free from impurities harmful substances that cause allergic reactions. This air is also used as part of therapy, especially for those with respiratory problems.

Before you go to the Dead Sea for treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Unfortunately, for some this kind of holiday is prohibited. Thus, in the Dead Sea can not go to those who have found hypertension, diabetes, anemia, tuberculosis. If you have a chronic illness are not available, but at the time of visiting the Dead Sea you have a fever, and refrain from swimming. And remember to go to the Dead Sea to be very careful, trying to keep the heavy salt water in any case do not hit on the face and especially eyes.

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