Bulgaria. Summer holidays with children

Bulgaria. Summer holidays with children
 Bulgaria every year is gaining popularity among Russians. Especially her loved ones, who are used to visit in the summer on the Black Sea, and the rest at home or in neighboring Ukraine became unaffordable. Bulgaria, in contrast to the Crimea, holds a very affordable price, while providing quite comfortable accommodation and service.
 Why is Bulgaria so attractive for families with children? Firstly, of course, due to the climate. He is there unique. Carpathian Mountains down to the coast and the mountain air is mixed with the sea, creating favorable conditions for the prevention and treatment of a variety of pulmonary diseases.

Second, access to transportation. To reach the most popular resorts is possible not only by car and plane, but also on the train. The third - a huge number of apartment hotels. They are equipped with everything needed for a holiday with the kids - a kitchen unit and appliances (washing machine, iron, kettle, etc.). And the cost of living in them are much cheaper than renting a studio apartment in the middle of the season somewhere in Alushta.

Things to know, going to Bulgaria as a family? Of not very pleasant - need a visa. If you draw it yourself, it will cost about 35 euros. For children up to four years - free of charge, but must be stamped. Before the start of the season to the embassy in Bulgaria in Moscow there are huge queues. Therefore, if there is no constraint in the media, it is better to entrust the visa of one of the companies working with this trend. Tourist entry permit shall be issued up to a month. Then visa may be extended by contacting the consulate in one of the resorts.

If you are experienced travelers, better to book hotels and buy tickets yourself. It reduce the cost of a trip to the ten - thirty percent. Negotiate with the hotel for summer vacation in the winter. Then you will not only get the best rooms, but also a discount for early booking. It is ten - twenty percent of the cost of living. Language barrier in Bulgaria there is little, so you can easily arrange with the administrator of your destinations.

Currently, even the small resort town in Bulgaria are equipped with children's rides and pools for kids. Service for families with children is constantly improving and developing. What attracted to this country a growing number of travelers.

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