Bali climate, recreation and tourism on the island

Bali climate, recreation and tourism on the island
 Bali is a detached island, washed by two oceans - the Pacific and the Indian. Here the seasons are divided into dry and wet, and the daylight lasts from 6 am to 18:00 pm all year round. The proximity of the resort to the equator it is almost always the sun is shining, there is practically no tropical rains and the air is always very moist and fresh.  

The climate of the island depends on its location. Due to the fact that Bali is located almost at the equator, its weather affected by the presence of monsoons. Beginning in April and ending October, the resort is blown dry south-easterly winds, and from November to February moist northeast.

The temperature is kept around 26 degrees, the rate of humidity level rarely rises above 71%. The island is mountainous terrain, so, depending on the height above sea level, the air temperature varies. So, the hottest month is February, and cold - July.

Showers are usually short-lived and their appearance is very difficult to predict. Typically, they are about 150 days a year. However, there are exceptions, for example, in a place called Denpasar, special climate, rainfall is almost never happens.

Acclimatization on the island is relatively easy passes, the water temperature is usually 26-28 degrees.

In Bali, you can relax all year round, prices rise during the summer season and during the Catholic Christmas. At other times, prices are falling and hotels are not difficult to book any room without a reservation.

On the island you can not just spend an active holiday, but also to experience the local culture, customs Aboriginal try the national cuisine.

Bali have spa services, massage courses, it is easy to learn scuba diving, mountaineering, surfing, you can climb the volcano Gunung Batur. It is advisable to visit the sacred place of the Balinese - Mount Gunung Agung.

Now on the island, there are five places that are resort areas. This Nusa Dua, Sanur, Kuta, Jimbaran and Ubud. Is the most elite of Nusa Dua, which is a cozy, quiet place to relax with a built luxury hotels and high-end kitchen.

If you want to visit noisy parties need to go to Kuta, which is a 30-minute drive away. Here, an active nightlife and a large number of water parks.

The most peaceful place of rest is Sanur - here is very good to rest family with small children, as well as newlyweds.

In Jimbaran Bay, you can swim all year round, besides here recently built two of the most luxurious hotels on the island.

To merge with nature need to go to Bali, Ubud. There are rice fields, the real jungle, rivers and waterfalls.

On the island there are many attractions. Uluwatu Temple is dedicated to the sea-god, is annually visited by many pilgrims. The temple itself is built of fossilized coral and has great historical value.

Aborigines (locals) can show the traditional dance - Kecak. Meaning of the dance in the struggle between good and evil, and do it only at sunset.

You can visit the caves of Goa Lava inhabited by bats. It is also recommended to go to different parks, the Monkey Forest and Temple Kubutambanah.

Kitchen islands are very diverse. It consists of Indonesian and Thai dishes, French and Italian cuisine. Dishes florists, at any time of the year provided a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

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