Autumn in Europe

Autumn in Europe
 Travel - a way to learn about the culture of another country, try the local dishes, listen to folk music and watch the traditions and customs of the local population. Sightseeing, museums and architecture - a very important part of any trip. And even when it can be done with comfort, but to fall? Almost no tourists, and the weather is still quite comfortable. Autumn - the best time to travel to Europe.
 Trees turned yellow leaves lie on the pavement, buildings become clear outlines in clear cool air, windows everywhere already decorated for Christmas, and in her purse just in case lies umbrella - Autumn is Europe. Crowds of tourists, from which there was no rest in the summer, have disappeared, the period between summer and Christmas excitement: a calm and pleasant. It's about time for fun to walk the streets, visiting museums, exhibitions and attractions. And just to get acquainted with the amazing beautiful European countries.

Autumn - a time when European countries are all kinds of festivals and events. For example, the Venice Biennale - one of the most important cultural events in the world, comes in the autumn. Other countries do not concede - everywhere there is something interesting. By searching on the Internet, you can pick up a route so that the events of interest to visit.

In the autumn of tourists running out, so many airlines in an effort to attract customers, and organize all kinds of events, for which tickets can be bought much cheaper than usual. If you want to drive around in one trip a few countries, you can choose a bus tour of Europe - is a budget option that allows you to see a lot of things right. Train - it's quite comfortable, but not the cheapest option of movement in the West.

If you have your own car, you can go to Europe on it, it is much more convenient, you do not have when planning your route, bring it into line with the schedule of affordable transport. Independent trip through Europe by car - it is just something that is worth doing in the fall, as the roads are free enough. True, remember that there is gasoline more expensive than in Russia.

Accommodation options in Europe in the fall is much more varied and enjoyable than in the summer or during the Christmas holidays. Hotels are nearly empty, and you can stay or look for a hostel. You can resorting to the services of a tour operator, but you can book everything themselves using specialized Internet sites, which are now very much. Autumn - is the time when you can not "hammer" the best place for a few months, as the tourists a bit.

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