Around the World: The Netherlands

Around the World: The Netherlands
 Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of twelve provinces, and only two of them are called Holland. Parts of the kingdom are the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. The country is situated on the North Sea coast and borders with Germany and Belgium. Capital - Amsterdam, although the seat of government and the Queen in The Hague. Area of ​​the country about 41, 5 square kilometers, the climate is temperate, humid and warm enough.  

Nature Netherlands
Translated "The Netherlands" - low-lying land. Almost 40% of the reclaimed land (polders) are below sea level and separated from it by dams, dunes, dikes. For centuries they have built windmills, which have now become a symbol of the Netherlands. Forests of oak, hornbeam, ash, beech, almost all planted and occupy only 10% of the country. On the coast and east lie the heath heather on the dunes in the pine forests are found rabbits. Netherlands-flowing river, so many navigable and interconnected channels. In winter, they can freeze. Length of sea beaches suited for surfing, and excellent opportunities for swimming and sailing there and on them and on inland waters.

History and people of the Netherlands
The Dutch, as they are called residents of the Netherlands, mostly descendants of the Saxons and Franks, who settled in the area about 2,000 years ago. In the 17th century the Netherlands due to their possession of the Mariners set of colonies, began to conduct an active trade with Indonesia and flourished, becoming one of the most powerful maritime nations in the world. Were building beautiful cities in the developed flooded lands. At the end of the 17th century went decrease the power of the Netherlands. In 1830, declared its independence from Belgium them. Since 1957, the Netherlands, to strengthen ties with neighboring countries, became a member of the EEC. Currency, respectively - the euro.

Now the state is home to nearly 17 million. Man in size and it is comparable with the territory of Moscow and Moscow region, making it one of the most densely populated in the world. Therefore, the Netherlands has a highly developed information and transport infrastructure. At the head of state is the Queen Beatrix, the legislature - parliament. Official languages ​​- Dutch and Frisian, virtually the entire population speaks English, communicate well in German and French.

The main part of the population are Roman Catholic, attend local Reformed Church or are atheists. Most Dutch people working in industry and services, as lives in cities. Despite the fact that the population is very tolerant of unusual behavior that is condemned by neighboring countries for foreigners ban on visiting coffee shops (places legal sale of soft drugs).

The Netherlands in the world
To the whole world the Netherlands is famous for its vegetables, seeds and dairy products. At the enterprises of the country produced electrical equipment, textiles, chemicals and more. Amsterdam - the main center of diamond processing. Known in the world of the Netherlands and its flowers. Thousands of tourists come to enjoy the whole spring tulips and hyacinths fields.

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