The main causes of male adultery

The main causes of male adultery
 Treason - a terrible word to any woman. Nobody wants to be in place deceived women in leafy headdress. However, sadly, but it happens.

It just so happens in fairy tales: the characters fall in love, get married and live their whole lives in love and harmony. Unfortunately, in real life this does not happen very often. Divorce statistics show that to save the marriage (or a union of loving couple) is very, very difficult. Especially sad that one of the most frequent causes of divorce is infidelity of one of the partners.

Can be shoveled a lot of literature on the psychology of men, and to identify the mass of the reasons why they change their life partner. However, the fact remains - the most offensive reason is the nature of men. Nature has put polygamous men. If a woman is in essence - being monogamous, her genetically incorporated the need to "nest", raise children, care for their companion, the essence of man is fundamentally opposed. This is good if your man can not control myself or is by nature a one-woman man. In this case, you are very lucky. In all other cases, there is always the risk of adultery, which is sad, but not amendable.

Often the cause of change is popular among the people "lusty". The man is closer to fifty suddenly realizes that old age is not far off that his wife is not as good as it once was, that he himself was still hoo, it is too early to write him to the store. And if age makes itself felt wrinkled, bald head and a beer belly, then there's the desire to assert itself just howling siren ship. An affair with a pretty young girl - that is still so contributes to the male ego at the proper height?

Life - is another common cause of infidelity. Every day to contemplate his wife in one and the same coat, armed with spoons, cups, ladle, children are constantly asking for something, sockets that it's time to repair, sofa, which creaks, even if it just a wry look. All this is tiring. The desire to change the situation, at least briefly escape from the boring routine and pushes a man in search of adventure on the side.

Unfortunately, sometimes the woman herself contributes to the fact that her man goes not "right." If she does not care for themselves, not trying to seduce her man in her appearance is not the slightest hint of sexuality, then, judge for yourself, how can this please? Because it is not surprising that a man thinks that deserves more. And this is the most worthy of looking anywhere, but not at home.

As would be sad as it may sound, but it happens that the cause of infidelity happens a new love. It is a life, not a fairy tale, you can not force a man to love only you and no one else. If a man met a new love, try to understand it, to forgive and let go.

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