The distribution of roles in the family. Husband or son?

The distribution of roles in the family. Husband or son?
 The question of roles in the family always worried about all its members. It just so happened that at the head of a man standing, which brings money into the house. But here comes the son. Now her husband falls on a psychological level to compete with his successor, whose mother devotes a lot of time.  

Everything becomes more difficult at a time when the family is born another child. The father should spend much time at work, providing their families with all necessary. In such a situation on the eldest son saddled responsible for helping the mother. Another flanked by an immature kid have to run to the store, to warm a bottle of infant formula, etc. In the end, a small child does not receive his brother, and "son."

The smaller the father spends time at home, the denser and closer communicate mother with her son. Over time, they develop common themes, jokes, etc. Do not be surprised if the eldest son cease to give time to friends, he lost interest in peers and some hobbies. Pay attention to what psychologists call these relationships in the family "psychological incest."

If you look at the ratio of mother to this issue, the women in most cases is simply convenient to resort to the eldest son. Due to the fact that the child does not know yet about life, it can be very easy to learn to swaddle the baby, feed him etc. In this case, there are no questions, contradictions or conflicts.

It is worth emphasizing that the eldest son once took responsibility for his younger brother or sister, never leave her. As an adult, he will indulge all the whims and desires of his relative. And that would be to use kindness and deference "eldest".

If you do not want to deal with such problems, it is better to think in advance some points. That your eldest son could easily grow and develop, it is advisable to hire a babysitter. This ensures your child the opportunity for a long and happy married life. After all, he will not have a mother-wife and brother-son that strong rope would tie him to her. Show your child that he should live their lives.

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