How to maintain a relationship with ex-husband

How to maintain a relationship with ex-husband
 Statistics show that about half of first marriages fail. In some countries, these figures and even more, destroyed 80 per cent of families. But despite all the hardships of divorce, maintain relationships with ex-husband is sometimes necessary. For example, if you have kids.
 Should not deprive a child the joy of communion with his father. After this you can pay him traumatized. But, creating a setting for their meetings, you willy-nilly have to deal with the former spouse. Sometimes make it extremely difficult, because unforgotten grudges can ruin any conversation. If your ex-husband is not anti-social element, try to establish normal relations with it.

To start a scoop. Try to forgive him for all the insults, for all the trouble, the reason for which he has become. Make it difficult, but not do without it. Forget all the negativity that has been in your family life, and leave the past in the past. Then came other times, focus on the idea. All that was wrong with you, over. And once you are able to really put an end to enmity.

Then negotiate with the former spouse nuances of your communication. Try to come to a compromise. Perhaps it will be difficult to do, because you have gone through a divorce. But, nevertheless, do not put the conversation into contention. Try to talk calmly, without reproaches and insults. Agree that in the future you will not sort things out and remember the past.

Treat your ex-husband friendly. But once you are in love with each other, were close friends. Think about it, when you want to tell him something drastic. Look at it from the outside, because it certainly has some positive features. Try to notice only them.

Do not resume a loving relationship, it will only lead to trouble. Many men have a nice woman who will do everything for him: and feed and drink, and tuck into bed. But here's the weaker sex from such a relationship does not win. A woman becomes a straw widow, she is like a man, but when he comes to her, she does not know. Even if you still have feelings for her husband, do not go on about them, otherwise you may suffer even more. The only exceptions are the cases when the man realized his mistake and wants to return to his family. That's when you can relax again in the arms of a loved one.

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