How to survive a break?

How to survive a break?
 When a man goes, it appears that survive the loneliness - not an easy task. It turns out that you have lost the habit to do something with yourself, even just watching TV. How did stop to worry and to leave behind the old relationship?

First of all, you need to stop constantly to remember the best moments experienced together. Do not expect that he will return safely dispose of his belongings. Even if you are destined to be together again, now is not the best time to think about it.

Do not check his page in the "Classmates", delete the contact from icq. Information about his new girlfriend or a luxury holiday in the Bahamas in the company's mind-blowing beauties unlikely to add your optimism. Let him live his own life.

Try to discuss the break with common friends. Even if they are quite delicate, their words can hurt you when, for example, find out what they think you are the culprit of the incident. Do you want to explain all that is wrong?

Weep, if you are very bitter. Tears of relief. However, revel in self-pity is not worth it, especially for a bottle of wine.

Immediately after the break should not rush headlong into a new relationship. But a new hobby will help distract. No matter what it is: the breeding aquarium fish, philately or board games.

New experience is best to get in travel. If your budget allows, you can spend your holiday by the sea, but the fit and budget vacation in the country. The main thing - how to escape. Go to the theater, exhibitions, any measures which create a festive atmosphere.

Pamper yourself! Beautiful dress, glamorous makeup will not go unnoticed by others. Change the image, make a new hairstyle, experiment with the look. Sign up for the pool, water treatment is very invigorating.

If you look around, you will realize that your problem does not matter compared with the fact that we have to worry about other people. Help those who are much harder and you feel strong. Sooner or later, the wound will be tightened, and you are sure to find her man.

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