How to marry a foreigner

How to marry a foreigner
 Foreign husband - the dream of many Russian girls who are unhappy with the lack of suitable Cavaliers at home. Some of them are subsequently disappointed, others create happy and strong family. You will also want to try your luck? Then learn foreign languages ​​and get ready for a meeting with her prince.
 You can get acquainted with a foreigner under a variety of circumstances. Of course, more likely to have a happy meeting girls, often resting abroad or working for multinational companies with frequent trips abroad. However, those who do not travel outside of his native city, have the opportunity to find foreign husbands. You can get acquainted with the foreign candidate for specialized dating sites or through marriage agencies.

Having made the decision to marry a foreigner, refresh knowledge of English. Of course, if you meet the Swedes, Poles and French, then you need to learn the native language chosen. But at the stage of the search must have at least an average level of the international language. Do not assume that you will be able to explain to her fiance through facial expressions and gestures. Marriage - a serious step, and choice of a partner should be aware.

Acquainted with a suitable candidate for a husband, do not rush to the registry office. Learn elect better. Invite him to visit and be sure to take a trip to him on a return visit. You know, where a potential husband, what are its housing and material conditions. In addition, you'll be able to live in another country. Large Russian metropolis differs significantly from a remote farm or a small town in the mountains, but most brides understands it only received the status of a wife.

You understand that for each other? Then get ready for the wedding. You can be married in Russia and go abroad for family reunification program. A simpler option - get a three-month visa and marry the bride to the groom's place of residence. If you choose this method, prepare all the necessary documents. Their detailed list can be found on the website of the Embassy particular country. Make copies of relevant papers and notarized translations. Abroad, these bureaucratic niceties will cost more.

By marriage, apply for a temporary residence permit. Usually the first permission is given for a year, then it must be extended. After five years, you can get a permanent residence permit, and later apply for citizenship.

The first year of residence in a foreign country may be the most difficult. You will have to adapt to unfamiliar conditions, alien language. In addition, the immigration authorities will check your marriage for its authenticity. Get ready for the visits of staff interviews and provocative questions. You must prove that your marriage is not fictitious. Very powerful argument - the birth of a child joint. However, even if you do not have children, do not worry. No problems with the law, the police and a good relationship with her husband - a guarantee that your marriage will be recognized.

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