Terms of virtual dating

Terms of virtual dating
 The popularity of online dating is justified. Firstly, to get fans can sitting in a dressing gown with a sandwich in his hand. Second, from the too intrusive and not too pretty easy to get rid of men, adding them to the blacklist. In addition, patrons sites for exploring usually generous with compliments and nice words. To search for the second half did not become a series of disappointments, it is worth remembering a few moments.  
 Do not believe it!

Among your virtual friends sure to be a couple of promising business, a few big bosses, as well as the owner of newspapers, steamers and other good things of life. Oddly enough, some men still believe that the dish "to deceive" is popular with the ladies. Needless to say that most of the "oligarchs" saw yachts and five-star hotels only on TV? If the source is too outspoken, telling about their successes, as well as promises mountains of gold, do not waste time on it. At best, under the guise of the rich and famous loser hiding, counting somehow fun. In the worst - a crook, who is in search of another victim.

Objective portrait

By completing the questionnaire on the website should be taken very seriously. After its first opinion of you will be a potential suitor, read the information in the profile. Try to be very honest in describing his own appearance, hobbies, outlook on life. After all, a man, welcomed the opportunity to meet with a slender athlete will be very disappointed to learn that the sport you are more than far. If you decide to place your photo on the site, it is better to choose the picture, which are clearly visible facial features.


Do not tighten the real dates, if the man you are really interested. An important point: make an appointment during the day and in a crowded place. For example, to offer a cozy coffee shop or look in the new comedy movie should answer yes. But the guy who persistently calling home "tea", communication is better and does stop, of course, if you do not look dangerous adventures.

Be prepared for the fact that the real Peter, Ivan and Misha will differ from its virtual counterpart. Still image created on the Internet - it's a bit embellished version of the self. But, nevertheless, the number of people to meet their halves on dating sites or social networks continues to grow. So, it is worth a try!

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