New love - old habits

New love - old habits
 Habits form character and starting a relationship with a new man, it's time to think: if we wanted to change something in a familiar routine, and thus in the nature? After all, he certainly is not ideal. In addition, if the "strings" from past relationships, in the form of habits, stifle new, why not cut them and do not throw in the trash?

If the ex-boyfriend taught you to get up before dawn and greet the dawn fragrant omelette with toast and a new choice prefers to sleep till noon and sleepy winces when you gently under his nose hectic early breakfast - it's so bad. After all, who get up early - to get more delicious toast. The problem is much more serious if their new relationship, you, out of habit, not respect his chosen friends or jealous of all his posts. What if old habits interfere with life in a new way?

"The habit - second nature" - once said Aristotle, and we have no reason to doubt it. Being in a relationship with a man, we naturally adapts to it, changing its character, becoming more whining or more caring, more patient or more jealous. We come standard reaction behavior and a certain way of thinking. All that we are now taking a new relationship, and in fact the majority of old habits there is no room.

New partner - a new world in which there are absolutely different rules than those to which you are accustomed. Your old and proven in practice, the stereotype of "delayed for a night then got drunk and cheating on me with his secretary" does not work anymore, because your new man prefers any alcohol apricot juice and exemplary monogamous. And you, the old tradition, already waiting for him at the door with a rolling pin and broken tears makeup.

Remember that new novel gives you the opportunity to become better, get rid of old systems and unwanted patterns of behavior. Take a closer look at himself and his new chosen one, forget the past and let yourself be a little different. In the end, a little longer in the morning to lie in bed in an embrace with the beloved is not worse than the crisp croutons.

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