How to understand his behavior

How to understand his behavior
 The root of the misunderstanding between men and women often lies in the gender stereotypes of behavior. If you do not try to remake its second half, and accept as natural features of its behavior, build relationships will be much easier.
 Why is he silent

You complained to his partner on the problem or pointed to a lack in its relation to you. The submission must immediately give the man gasp, moan and to prove the opposite. And he was silent. How is it considered? The fact that women are generally more emotional for them to talk - and there's therapy. Men prefer to use it to transmit information. So, most likely, a partner just lost in thought about your statements. It is possible that a solution to the problem, he will offer you an hour or the next day. His silence should not be interpreted as indifference. Talk about their problems missus when you want to get an effective board, and for the sympathetic sighs contact your girlfriend.

Why is he avoiding me

From the above relationship of men to talk followed by another obscure feature of the ladies of the stronger sex. Their problems and difficulties they prefer to survive alone. Partner leaves the house or locked in his room, being in a bad mood, not because he does not like you. Most likely, you are putting yourself in his place, believing that it is now necessary sympathetic inquiries. Of course, his remark "Nothing happened! "Is not true, but you'd better be satisfied with this answer and give the man the opportunity to collect his thoughts. If he values ​​your opinion, it will come to you for advice, but later, when he feels the need for it.

Why am I for him, and he ...

Of these features follows another important aspect of male psychology: more than anything they fear seem weak and untenable. Therefore, where women rely on the assistance of their partners prefer to see support. This will give an incentive for non-obvious is the aggregate of such feelings as gratitude, devotion and faith in man. That is why so many wives to shoulder all the burdens, are out of work - their spouses is simply nothing to do near powerful women and have to look for someone more helpless. Do not offer ready-made solutions to your partner (at least, until she did not ask for help), but generous and sincere praise for all that he does for the family.

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