How to save a relationship

How to save a relationship
 Sometimes even the most perfect relationship ends. Of course, this can occur for various reasons. For example, due to a variety of hobbies, passions, characters, or even religions.  

Unfortunately, to keep the relationship is not always possible. It is especially difficult to do it on the very last stage. If you have more than once visited by the idea that your relationship is about to end, then restore it will be very difficult. Therefore, starting with the need to maintain a sense of their inception.

Of course, in the early days of dating do not want to think about parting. But these are the thoughts and can help you create a strong alliance. Councils for the Protection of the senses may be many, in each case, they are unique. But there are a couple of ways to suit any couples.

Throughout the novel need to maintain a sincere interest in yourself and your partner. If you feel the apathy, which means that your senses need extra help. It is also necessary to maintain a healthy distance, because each person has to be a private space. If you notice that your spouse is trying to become a part of you, you need to talk openly about it. After all partners - it is not a single entity, but still two independent person.

Is mandatory and care about appearance. It is unlikely that anyone would want to be with untidy or unattractive person. This applies naturally both partners.

Do not forget about harmony in relationships. If the person does not receive anything, he can decide to get it elsewhere. A betrayal of the rupture of relations can take a matter of days or even hours. Sex should be a regular and give pleasure to both. If you go for sex without desire, the partner is likely to feel it. And this situation is unlikely to contribute to the conservation relations.

Of course, many people want their partner divined all thoughts and desires. But this happens very rarely. Therefore, we must always try to speak frankly. If you do not satisfied with something, discuss it, do not hoard a negative.

Another problem may be different hobbies, or beliefs. Should be treated loyal to what your loved one is expensive. If you criticize or forbid something, then your relationship can very quickly end.

Learn to compromise. Your desires, needs and actions will not always coincide. So try to find a middle ground, at which there will be no one cheated. Do not build illusions, live the present, and then many problems will be solved independently.

Saving a relationship - it is a complex task. And deal with it afford not to each pair. But if you put in front of the goal, then aim for it together, moving in the same direction.

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