How to find the perfect man

How to find the perfect man
 Women want to see next to a strong spirit, capable of deep feelings of men. You may say that it is a myth that these do not exist. You are mistaken. Look around. Maybe he's around.

Where you can meet the perfect man?

Option number 1 - in a wonderful, exciting, sometimes romantic, sometimes not, American cinema, in which all the characters are brutal, smart, beautiful, kind and caring. But this is just an illusion, a fantasy rezhessira.

Option number 2 - act on a "need to work with the material, that is." Perfect - fairly subjective concept, it all depends on what meaning you put into it.

Mentally determine who your ideal man. After all, intelligence, beauty, financial stability - rather abstract concepts and streamlined. Draw in your mind your vote, but do not do it in isolation from reality. Our ideals often do not coincide with reality.

First of all, stop to sit and wait. Be prepared for the fact that you can see it in either by passing men. Did you meet him in the supermarket where you would normally buy bread and milk, or in a cafe, where you go to talk with her best friend.

So never forget to smile. Smile - it's a sign that you are set on positive communication.

Be open to new acquaintances. Meet and let yourself a chance to meet you. Maybe the guy you passed by, dismissive grunt nose, and there is your destiny. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Do not be too proud and arrogant. Pomposity and arrogance does not bring you closer to the goal of a single step.

Do not live stereotypes. Seek not the perfect man, and one who will appreciate and respect you and your personality with which you will be free and easy. Some of the disadvantages are pleasant and the many advantages of a mile. Imperfect people interesting, come on.

If you are still looking for the man of the movies' 60s, remember that it is the woman "creates" and "sculpts" the elect. It is not possible to each, but only a real woman, whose inherent wisdom, patience, tact, prudence, skill and care to indulge in some desires and whims, flexibility and the ability to compromise. If you possess these qualities, all in your hands, it is up to small.

Do not forget that a man wants to see next to a decent woman herself. To educate themselves, develop your femininity and elegance. Then do not have to do anything - the right man you will find himself.

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