Why men cheat

Why men cheat
 Men's betrayal - a common cause of female suffering. Because of it, some ladies complain of fate, others begin to hate all men in a row, while others are trying to understand: but what, in fact, is the reason?
 Despite the fact that men are very different, they all attributed to this quality, as polygamy. Man, they say, is assigned by nature to spray on their genes to the left and right, and raise a family - a woman's destiny. In support of this theory says that, as a rule, the stronger sex with the best genetic potential of more partial to feminine charms and less true. The genetic potential is expressed in appearance, strength, mental abilities and talents. From this point of view is safer to tie their life is not a great man, and with the "middling", but that is often a reliable, gentle and sincere.

But love, as you know, evil. And rarely a woman's heart is melted by the cunning eyes narrowed the charming handsome compliment or skillful charismatic genius. Of course, she understands that by linking the fate of a man who drew the attention, she sacrifices her peace and condemns himself to persistent or recurrent jealousy. But she puts on her beauty, is counting on emotional bond between her and the man who will keep your favorite from the fatal step. Alas, even marrying, enviable cavalier often not willing to limit themselves in dealing with the opposite sex. His view of the world is identical with the scientific theory, and he shamelessly continues to "share genes" with all the counter-cross. Such a man does not change, and women who are looking at it, wasting your time.

The same can be said about a man depraved excess banknotes in your wallet and a solid bank account. Frequent stories of couples who have lived in perfect harmony with very modest means, but happiness come to an end as soon as the "Dorval" to a lot of money. Wealthy men change usually with young beauties, Godea them daughters and granddaughters. The main motive of these changes - increase your ranking in their own eyes and the eyes of the same corrupt environment.

There are, however, and men-Monogamous. Unfortunately, it is so rare, that they should be put in the Red Book. If you are lucky enough to meet just such a person, it will not change, but can go to the other. And such a step would go to the extreme, if you offend him or disappoint so that further joint life becomes impossible.

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