Love without sex and sex without love

Love without sex and sex without love
 Questions sexology and psychology have always been considered the most important. For example, can there be love without sex, and whether actual sex without love? Answers to these questions are trying to find not only scientists and social scientists, but also ordinary citizens around the world.

Argued that the ideal relationship is a combination of love with sex and sex with love. Many scientists agree with this opinion. Studies have been conducted, which confirmed that sex for love helps release dopamine - a hormone that displays the body of cholesterol and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. But sex without love causes oxytocin - a hormone that stimulates the production and widespread deposition of fat.

And what if a couple have sex without love and love without sex?

Sex without love - is the lack of any obligations. No zealous relations between the partners, which means that you can completely surrender to the power of passion. No domestic problems, no connecting elements. In other words, the couple, enjoying intimacy, runs up on their corners (home) and waiting for a new meeting with a partner who is perfectly in bed.

Love without sex - is abstinence. It seems that people have the opportunity to see a loved one, enjoy its contemplation, communion with him. But human nature is such that sex - is one of the basic needs. Do not meet this need, a person can not feel completely happy. Of course, one can love, and spend the night with the other. But is this not treason, entailing a series of fervent quarrels, scandals and rupture of relations ?!

Therefore, sex without love - it is entitled to be a phenomenon, but love without sex - abstinence is undesirable. And here is a complete combination of love and sex will be complete happiness (when both partners have an orgasm) or disappointment in a partner (like when one loves, but can not experience orgasm). The first result will be a manifestation of the ideal relationship, and the second would entail real and widespread phenomenon - sex without love on the side.

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