Looking one and only

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 In social networks flaunts the status of "Active search", and in the eyes of the world waiting for a miracle ... The normal state of a girl who looks forward to future happiness. Freedom is not all drunk, some people call it solitude. Search your favorite delayed? It does not matter mode "in the search" - a great time. To prepare for the relationship of your dreams.
 Expect all at once is not necessary, but despair not: sadness colors not all. A dreamy smile - a magnet for strangers. So you need to start with small things, and only then move on to more serious matters. How to find the love of life and not to be disappointed?

Image Assol - "tenderness and expectation" - like so many girls, but we must remember that this is just a fairy tale. Therefore, to bet on a similar image with great care. Of course, romance and vulnerability are attractive, but they should be characterized by the nature of you. Otherwise, an artificial image that will only scare away good men.

Your freedom is at the moment means that you have more free time than women related relationships. It's time to not only their appearance, but outlook. After all, to qualify for a major role in the lives of men, you must demonstrate the intellectual level. There is a third component necessary for happy relationships, but about it later.

Many women in preparation for future relations concentrate only on their physical appearance. Can not do this process without extremes. Moreover, a model often rumors come from. It is necessary to hear the girl that Victoria Beckham runs no less than 7 miles a day, it starts to training even more diligent. And for even an untrained person 5 km - a serious burden. And after the race so she can not concentrate on anything. So devouring resources factor can be not only running, it can be a diet or fitness dancing. The result is important - the inability to focus on anything else in life.

If the standard test of intelligence not seem very high scores, do not be sad. The fact that they do not show the inherent intelligence, but simply solving skills typical tasks. This is proven by the experience of Western seeker posts. Given the lack of jobs they were looking for an opportunity to stand out intelligence. Trained at special zadachnik to test IQ - and improve their results considerably. So no need to suffer because of the formal figures.

The horizon can be extended in several ways. The most effective - the study of a foreign language, especially good in this respect English. It will allow you to access a huge number of the most advanced information. This will help not only in trade but also in search of a loved one abroad. And with compatriots will have more topics for discussion. Very good for the memories freeware podcasts BBC. Take the money for new books business topics, after reading them you will become more interesting for successful and intelligent men.

In addition to appearance and intelligence men important third component of the image - your emotional appearance. Here you can not pretend to be found a man who was like your emotional style. Someone like a nice girl compliant, while others - a lover arrange douche of emotions. Connections to prepare yourself emotionally difficult, so you have to learn only from our mistakes. But nothing prevents a time when you search, analyze from an emotional point of view of their past relationship.

Thus, no time to waste while you are in search of. Get ready for a future today - and your favorite in reality it will be better than it looked, even in my wildest dreams.

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