How to get away properly

How to get away properly
 Once you goose bumps ran from one of his eyes. But today, this man does not cause you any emotion. You realize that it's time to leave, but these thoughts are experiencing right and fear, and guilt ... But you just need the right to leave.  
 Relationship - it is an occasion for a variety of problems. In this you can be sure, and one, and for several long novels. But on his own experience as you realize that most of these problems solved. And the solution is - the real feelings of love. Why again do you think that to rectify the situation - not in your power? Reasons to surrender can be set. But the real reason for the separation is only the absence of feelings.

So to start Understand yourself. Of course, if there was no betrayal, scandal, or you can not find the young man features, which categorically does not suit you. If you feel only apathy, first take a break. Not necessarily talk about it to the guy directly. You may just wish to go on vacation with friends or for a while to live with my mother, referring to the problems in the family parents. A short break will help you understand whether you can do without this man.

At break - is a tricky business. And you will surely understand that anyhow such news is not presented. Therefore, carefully choose a time when you tell a man about his decision. Rush jobs at work, stress, health problems - not the best time to receive such a blow on your part. Although you have decided to leave, it is unlikely you will want to greatly injure the person with whom you were together.

Find the right words is difficult, but necessary. Do without hints men understand only direct phrases. But to begin with offers to part is not necessary, especially if such a turn of events is unexpected for him.
Accurately list all the reasons why you go away from it. But do not go to the insults, accusations. You do not need to change it or to prove anything - you just put it before the fact.

You will want to soften the blow, but the phrase "You are very good, I'm not worthy," "It's me, you're wonderful" only to surprise him. "Why, then leave? "- Rightly decides to man. Usual "Let's be friends" is also unlikely to be pleased.

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