Characteristics of the national SMS-flirt

Characteristics of the national SMS-flirt
 Among youth is widespread SMS-chat. Millions of messages are sent every day teenagers, the same receive and send successful businessmen and influential people. This communicative function of mobile communications with the time allowed by SMS not only in touch, but also to flirt.

Since virtual flirting girl must understand that its object of attention does not assume any responsibility and shall not be bound by any obligations. Confessing your love, it still retains its status as a free man. It is possible that he will lead the game with several girls at the same time. You must be prepared for the fact that the faithful and devoted fan of your virtual will not. It is better to give him a free hand and let the entire enjoy all the features of the relationship, not building far-reaching plans, and without imposing unnecessary expectations for the relationship.

An important point is that sometimes the participants SMS-flirt become people who complexes and psychological problems interfere with raising a family or build a lasting relationship. In addition, your virtual fan can not quite describe yourself honestly, that is, change the age, name, place of residence, profession and even the floor! In order to protect yourself from scams, cheaters and people with unbalanced mind, it is better to find interlocutors on trusted sites, with friends, a marriage agency. It would be great if you are personally familiar with her partner or talked to him earlier in the social networks or on the forum.

Entering the virtual communication, you need to pre-determine the seriousness of your intentions. If for you it's just a way to have fun and socialize with the opposite sex, try not to cross the boundaries of flirtation. If you expect that these relations will be continued in real life, in this case, you need a more thorough approach to sorting the possible candidates.

And finally: virtual communication should not create a sense of tension, it is necessary to obtain from him only the most positive emotions. Be myself, but behave somewhat uninhibited and allow yourself a bit more than usual allows your natural modesty and education in real life.

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