Versed in his and his feelings: the ratio of male to female and vice versa

Versed in his and his feelings: the ratio of male to female and vice versa
 We all dream of the ideal relationship, filled with love, sincerity and mutual respect. As long as our lives bright and rosy, we do not think about the true complexities of relations between the sexes, differences of views and perceptions. And because true art and culture of communication of each pair must be the willingness to compromise, understanding, sensitivity and tact.

As is known, determining motive for men and women is love. But in this simple and all the familiar words say so much. Love is multifaceted and, like no other feeling is different for women and men, showing their different facets and nuances.

It is believed that the couple's relationship serious role played by habit, and three law saying that a woman likes to get used to, but the man loves until used. For all its simplicity, this postulate is quite reliable, and often explains a lot, for example, begins with the low pressure over time by men, or, conversely, violent displays of affection on the part of women, despite the many years of marriage.

And starting from this prosaic conclusion is possible, however, to explain many, many problems in the couple's relationship, because it is love and its manifestation on the part of each partner immediately projecting its power in all other aspects of life, such as, for example, communication and sex .

Men love novelty, and this has become a feature of their frivolous talk of the town. Feeling a chill from his men, women should think, not too everyday and it has become customary for him. Perhaps there is a sense slightly warmed his interest in himself, making a life together in a fresh approach - let it be a new hairstyle, a new seductive lingerie provocative sexual position. Indeed, instead of looking for the cause of the cooling of relations and to heap reproaches a man, you can make life brighter and more colorful, nothing infringing while his own person.

As for women, they tend to creation, and in every relationship they try to build not only their "nest", but also a certain image of man. And if a real partner suddenly be too far from the fictional, there is no doubt that the woman would be to work on its improvement. And to change anything, it would be to love your creations with even greater force. So do not be surprised if love mature woman to her man burns even stronger than in the distant and passionate youth.

And in connection with this colossal difference perceptions of each other and there is just the majority of differences in the relationship over the years. But even one situation awareness, calm and rational analysis to a much greater extent facilitate the desire for harmony, rather than hostile attitude, anger and conflict.

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