The age difference - the difference in a relationship?

The age difference - the difference in a relationship?
 Marriages in which the partners are in different age categories are not so rare. Broken a lot of copies in deciding what the difference is acceptable in marriage to create equivalent harmonic relations. Objective perception of the problem and prevent the tradition stereotypes in our society.

In Soviet times, marriages between people of equal age were taken as a model. Any move right or left was considered a deviation from the norm, as all in the Soviet family was supposed to be the same - and the status and distribution of responsibilities and the age of the spouses. At present, the analysis of the dynamics of marriages shows that marriages between partners of the same age are often up to 20 years. This so-called early marriage.

Plus, full of such marriages. Among them - the common interests, common friends, peer experiences and the same hopes for the future. However, the disadvantages are also missing. Inexperienced partners can quickly satiated life in marriage, in any clash with the problem of such unions are rarely strong and rapidly destroyed.

A classic is considered a marriage in which a man slightly older woman. It has become a tradition since that time. The man had to stand up, to learn a profession, to enter the state. service, and so on. In short, could only marry a man held. Now the difference is on average 3-5 years. When the husband over his wife of 10 years or more, it may cause a persistent misunderstanding not only between husband and wife, but also among their peers, family, friends. But all this can be overcome if the man is the undisputed leader, ready to support his wife and children and can be condescending. It is of such pairs is said that his wife like a stone wall.

Unfortunately, the age does not always make a person wiser. If the man with the passage of time becomes unbalanced, acquires complexes, did not take place in professional terms, the life of a young woman with a man turn into a hell, because it is due to her kind of man asserts itself. Needless to say, that even if a woman divorces her ideas about family life will be distorted bad experience.

Alternatively, when a woman older men, often not welcomed by society, but because history is replete with examples where a young man and a mature woman happy in marriage. It is believed that in this case violates the basic role of the man as a leader, because if you did not find the woman held in their spouse's age category, then a young man who will live with her, she will be the "son". Such a representation is not always true. An experienced woman can attract a man alone, but for this it needs to be bright distinctive personality to which a man will be pulled. For most of the fair sex the presence of a number of young men an incentive to maintain their appearance at altitude. Often say that when they get younger eyes. If a woman is wise, it will not put pressure on her husband's authority. Then he will live with her very comfortable.

In short we can not say good or bad, when spouses have an age difference. Each case is unique and often where evil tongues predicted collapse, formed a strong happy family.

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