Our secrets: Preparing for a date

Our secrets: Preparing for a date
 Even the most confident and emancipation of women to the first date are very serious. After all, no one knows what to expect: suddenly want five minutes to go, and maybe it will be a prince on a white horse, who dreamed a distant childhood dreams. Therefore, on a first date to go fully armed.

There was a such a wonderful edition of one of the most popular magazines, which describes what is necessary to prepare for a date in a week. Just like before the wedding: how many days before it do hair removal bikini when plucked eyebrows, and when to go for facial cleansing. All this, of course, is good, but captured some overkill. In general, the girl should always be ready to face the constriction. But if left there a couple of days in order to strengthen the rear, you should use this time for the benefit of themselves.

Manicure required. Nobody is talking about naroshchennyh nails in style vamp, but hands should be neat. Groomed nails repel men. Pedicure also required. Even if it's winter time and the meeting will take place not in the sauna, the very awareness that you are perfect, very transforms any woman.

Hair must be well groomed. No regrown half a head taller roots. But here again, the key word is well-groomed, rather than extravagance. Men appreciate more shiny hair, that can be reached, and not stacked pile of hair to hair on his head.

Do not try to make the cleaning of the face on the eve of date. Better exfoliation, which will refresh the skin and give it a beautiful healthy appearance. Think makeup. It should not be catchy, better do something more natural (unless, of course, had not previously been agreed that your first date will be held at a glamorous party or pretentious restaurant). How wonderfully you own art make-apa, you still have time to demonstrate in subsequent dates. Let him know that you can be so different.

Well, if you know in advance, which will host the meeting, because then you can dress accordingly. Evening dress and beautiful shoes for the theater or jeans and a top-kart. As a last resort, put something universal, trouser. And comfortable, and elegant.

Remember that a woman should smell so want to go for it and absorb its flavor. Because even the best perfume is not necessary to pour themselves completely.

And finally, the last piece of advice - smile and remember that you are compelling and remarkable woman.

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