How to decide on the relationship

How to decide on the relationship
 People tend to live in pairs - a natural need for care, mutual love, communication. But sometimes, after a failed romance or after a divorce, you may have no hope that the new alliance will be successful. It is necessary to gradually get rid of these hopeless thoughts.
 Give yourself time - do not rush immediately after breaking into the arms of the first comer men who showed attention to you. Experiencing their pain, take a break from relationships and with new forces have entered a new life. Try not to shun men, be welcoming and friendly with new people - not every acquaintance novel ends. Over time, the communication will again bring you pleasure, as you will realize that constant melancholy deprives you of vitality. Never give up new acquaintances, even if you think that further companionship thing you will not do.

Accept the fact that the first time you will compare men with his former partner - it is quite natural and logical. Just try to see in the comparison not only similarities but also individuality new friend, immediately stands out bright characteristics, positive qualities, but from the perspective of your own standards. Try on a new image of the hero of your ideal man - certainly, he will be deprived of the shortcomings of your former beau.

Do not criticize men, and give them a chance to prove themselves - often the first impression is erroneous. So do not immediately hang tags and anticipate events, let it go.

At the stage of closer communication, you will notice the negative traits of the man, because you already have experience. But we should not magnify these shortcomings, just think, if you can tolerate them. Perhaps a new fan unusually good in bed, gallantly cares or cares about you so that you start to feel a little girl. For the sake of these, and many other qualities can forgive minor flaws, and even turn them into advantages. If something bothers you, then immediately notify the man - a frank discussion will clarify everything and think about how to cope with difficulties. When you are ready to take a man with his flaws and virtues, it means that your soul is reborn, and you can give the love, affection and attention to another person.

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