Sex on the first date. To be or not to be?

Sex on the first date. To be or not to be?
 Men usually do not like to delay the close relationship and against sex on the first date do not have anything. Women have an opinion on this matter. Most of them flatly refuse to proximity with the unfamiliar man. So who is right? To be or not to be sex on the first date?

First, the pros. For many sex - not just a party relations, and the foundation on which kept the relationship. So people sex on the first date becomes vital. Through the bed they will be able to understand the suitability of the chosen one, as comfortable with him, and if they can enjoy sex. From all this generally depends on the development of relations.

Know the truth: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." It turns out that there is a much shorter way, and it goes a little below the stomach. If you like a man, do not be afraid that it will disappear immediately after the close. Woman temperament, set free, is able to deliver a partner fun and enjoy the process itself? What kind of a man voluntarily abandon this sultry ladies? On the contrary, he will go for the "additive". But if a woman wants long-term relationships, do not forget about the stomach.

Cons too. Many people, to feel, to know each other, you need a series of visits. Only drawing close emotionally, there is an overwhelming desire and passion. If on the first date no passion and wild attraction, do not rush into sex. Sex boredom will not give pleasure any side. One can hardly hope for long-term relationships.

There is a category of men who believe that if a woman gave herself up on the first night - it is frivolous and easily accessible. Most likely, this diffident men, and they do not care whether sex on the first date or the twentieth. For them, there is a fait accompli and a reason to accuse a woman in the absence of chastity when convenient.

The situation turns out interesting. If a woman agrees to have sex right away, it can get a brand ladies available. And men are by nature hunters and do not like easy prey. If a woman refuses, it can be called cold or frigid. Why with "Snow Queen" to meet at all?

To be or not to be sexy - you decide. And depending on your desire. Sexologists have long proved that the proximity to the first date does not affect the duration of the relationship. Much more important is the real sincere feelings for each other.

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