The Golden Rules of Love

The Golden Rules of Love
 The man with the child begins to build the concept of family life. It is enough to look at the relationship between father and mother. Therefore, children tend to repeat the mistakes of their parents. There are basic rules of love. If they are running, you can avoid a lot of frustration and trouble.


For true love trust necessary. In the opposite case, your partner will feel that he is in an emotional trap from which it will be selected by any means. In order to be happy, to be trusted.


That you loved, you need to start to learn how to give sincere feelings partner. And the more you give, the more you will be refunded. Do not wait for the first steps towards from the partner. Proceed and do not be afraid that your feelings will remain unaddressed. Think about what you can give a man much warmth and tenderness in your heart.


A man who loves truly, always give freedom to your partner. Everyone needs his personal space. If you constantly limit favorite, it always finds a way as to break out of your control. Only then your relationship will already deprived of confidence.


Physical contact is required to build a perfect relationship. This concept includes not only intimacy but also simple hug. Try to take more partner's hand. When you do this, happening between you special spiritual contact. When you are in love to someone touching, there are significant changes in the body - strengthens the immune system, relaxes the nervous system and there is the release of endorphins - the hormones of happiness.


When two people get married and start to build a relationship, often forgotten a very important part. This sincere communication. If you are not interested in a loved one about how he's doing, mood, what he wants and what he is concerned, the understanding in your relationship is unlikely to be. Do not be afraid to talk to the partner about your feelings. Praise a man and do not be afraid to overdo it in this matter.

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