"Stervosofiya." Science or art

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 "Oo-oo-oo what a bitch! "- This phrase is pronounced many hundreds of years. Or condemned, sometimes - on the verge of hatred, or envy - on the brink of ecstasy. Paradoxically, any normal man dreams of good, generous, understanding, docile wife, next to which is quiet and comfortable. And at the same time irresistibly drawn to the bitch that has just the opposite qualities: capricious, cynical and calculating, not burdened by moral rules, for which he, in the best case, the source of the money, and at worst - and even the subject of revenge, which a priori around blame.

So why are men so attracted to women with a bitchy character? And what does that mean - bitchiness? How and why it occurs, lends itself whether corrective or is "incurable"? First of all, that what she is - a bitch?

In memory immediately come charming image of a young Brigitte Bardot or Sharon Stone. Woman walking to his goal ahead, ready to easily reject all accepted rules and norms. A woman who is not only shy of his "bitchiness", but proud of it. Moreover, it brings under his whole behavior "stervosofiyu." Say, for a good and humble carry water, and youth passes quickly. We must have time to get everything to the max!

Bitch attaches great importance to appearance, bearing in mind the wise rule: "Show showmanship! "It strictly follows the figure, always spotless, tastefully dressed, her first-class make-up, well-groomed handles. Of course, against this background, any woman, to pay attention, especially her husband and children, seem shabby! This is largely attracts a man, confusing. After all, feeling attracted to this femme fatale, he could not help himself and presents some superman.

Bitch gets neither the incomparable pleasure of playing with her "victim", a hair's breadth, as a cat with a mouse. Entice a man to bestow hope to get tormented, burning with passion, and then quit rushing in search of another partner - for it is the most common. It was so behaved in his youth Brigitte Bardot. Apparently, recollecting himself, wishing to atone for sins, in his later years she became an ardent defender of animals.

Apparently, some women have a tendency to initially bitchiness, for genetic reasons. And someone specifically studying this, considering "stervosofiyu" a true science that can benefit. Not accidentally bookstores are filled with waste paper promising titles: "Stervologiya", "How to become a bitch." Here women can only say one thing: Hold the temptation! Payback will come, sooner or later.

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